A new motivation

I started learning how to take pictures well about 2 years ago. My cardchef.com business taught me how to Photoshop and allowed me the funds to purchase a very nice camera which made taking awesome pictures nearly inevitable. It has been a very fun, fulfilling, and unexpected pursuit.  I even now have my own website (www.LilacPhotography.com) to showcase my journey. I have enjoyed taking pictures of people – especially women. I just love making them feel beautiful.

God gave me a new motivation with this new hobby recently. It’s a project He has called “The Romans 12:2 Project.” I started challenging my friends to let me take their pictures with no make-up on. I wanted to help them see their true beauty, but God had slightly different plans for this project.  I prayed for a few weeks about doing this at all. I wanted this to be an anointed project – not just something i thought up. The idea kept coming up and so I told God, “ok, if You want me to do this, then help me give it a name – a motivation.” A few days after that prayer at church, I opened my bible at random to Romans 12:2. I read it and thought, “this might work,” but it wasn’t really what i was going for.  I was searching for something to do with beauty, God’s true image of women, etc. I put my ribbon there and kept searching to no avail. I went back and re-read Romans 12 a few times and started to feel better about it, even though the ‘lesson’ wasn’t really what i had in mind for people. I prayed during church for confirmation. Then during the last song, the worship leader said, ” I feel like I am supposed to share a scripture with someone here,” and can you just guess what it was? Romans 12:2. My heart about burst and i knew my prayer had been answered. My project had a new motivation and a name.

Romans 12:2 says, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

I have found a good number of women recently who WILL NOT go out in public without putting on their ‘face.’  Some of them have agreed to take on this challenge. Wearing make-up daily is just one way that women conform to the world’s standard and I intend to help a few – however many I can – challenge themselves to put down that world standard and let God transform them by changing the way they think.  ….because who wouldn’t want to know God’s will for them?

I feel blessed beyond comprehension to be allowed to minister to women in this way. I hope that I can plant seeds that will grow with time.

If your heart beats with nervousness just thinking about taking pictures with no make-up, then this project is for and about you. Call me and let’s talk about it!


One thought on “A new motivation

  1. Hi Eldeen! Good to see you blogging again. That is awesome that you are getting into photography – your pictures are really good! I am actually going to be in Arvada in May so we should get together.

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